A4 Black & White Print

A4 Black & White Print

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  1. Select Paper Type
  2. Select Single Sided or Double Sided
  3. Select Laminated or No Lamination
  4. Select Extra Finishing Options (Staple, Hole Punch, Ring Binding, Orientation)
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Paper Size:

A4 (210mm x 297mm) Black & White (Mono) Printing


Only available in Matte Finish

Paper Types:

80gsm - Budget
100gsm - Standard
120gsm - Premium
200gsm - Thin Card
300gsm - Thickest Card

Ring Binding:

Type: Plastic Bind Only

Ring Binding is only for A4 Long Edge and A3 Short Edge Printing SizesMaximum Page Bind is 250 Pages per Binding

If multiple files are uploaded, the Binding may not be printed in order, We recommend just 1 File when Ring Binding.

Ring Binding Finish Types:

No Cover & No BackClear Cover OnlyClear Cover & Card BackCard Back Only 

Staple Finish

If your page quantity is higher than the Stapler can produce, your printing will arrived non Stapled.