Sizing and Specs

Here are our sizing guidelines for different types of prints.

Full Bleed Artwork Sizes
Don't want white borders?, we will need a minimum of 3-5mm bleed
if you want your Flyer or Business Card Printed to the edge of the paper without being stretched to fit or white borders, we require the following minimum Artwork sizes:

Business Cards: 96mm Wide by 61mm High (Cut to 90mm x 55m)
DL Flyer: 105mm Wide by 216mm High (Cut to 99mm x 210mm)
A5 Flyer: 154mm Wide by 216mm High (Cut to 148mm x 210mm)
A4 Flyer: 216mm Wide by 303mm High (Cut to 210mm x 297mm)
A3 Flyer: 303mm Wide by 426mm High (Cut to 297mm x 420mm)

By adding 3mm on each of the 4 sides, this will mean your print will be perfectly fitted to our templates

Business Cards:
55mm High x 90 mm Wide - This is our recommended business card size, it has the same dimensions as a credit card so it fits snugly into a wallet.
*3-5mm Bleed will be required for Business Cards with printing to the edge of the card (no white edges)
If your Artwork Size is incorrect, it will automatically be fitted to our template which may cause low quality printing
PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIF file format is acceptable
Please keep your Text/Pictures/Logos at least 1 cm away from the edge to avoid cutting
If you require colour printed to the edge of your card, a minimum 3-5mm Bleed is required
Recommended Resolution 150dpi -300dpi minimum

Compliment Slips:
DL (DLE) 99mm by 210mm
*3-5mm Bleed will be required for Slips with printing to the edge of the card (no white edges)
Flyers (Finish Cut Size)
A4 - 297mm by 210mm
A5 – 210mm by 148mm
A6 – 105mm by 148mm
DL (DLE) 99mm by 210mm
A5 - 210mm by 148mm
A4 - 297mm by 210mm
Posters (Finish Cut Size)
A0 - 1189mm by 841mm
A1 - 841mm by 594mm
A2 - 594mm by 420mm
A3 - 420mm by 297mm
B2 - 707mm by 500mm
B1 - 1000mm by 700mm
*3-5mm Bleed will be required for Posters with printing to the edge of the card (no white edges)
Recommended 150dpi - 300dpi, Any lower resolution may result in pixelation
CMYK Colours - Use CMYK colour so your colours don't look different once printed. 
Different Paper types will produce different colour finishes and we cannot guarantee exact colour matching because of the below examples:
Example 1 Uncoated paper will have a different white to Coated paper 
Example 2 Brand 1 paper will have a different colour to Brand 2 paper
Example 3 Brand 1 printer will have a different colour to Brand 2 printer

Most Computer & Laptop monitors display colours in RGB not CMYK. Every monitor uses different colour modes (Colour Tones, Contrast Levels, Brightness Levels) so this means what is displayed on your monitor may not be printed on paper.

Embedded Fonts
Embed your fonts so they don't change or look different once printed.

We take no responsibility for Fonts/Logos/Text/Images that haven't been embedded or finalised on your Artwork File Correctly.  A refund will not be processed for this Artwork Error. It's upto the customer to ensure their Artwork is correct.

Print Sizes

All Poster & Booklet Prints except Plan Prints are printed to "Fit" the "Page Size" selected (Not stretched but kept to ratio). All Plan Prints are printed as Actual Size under the Plan Print Section.

This also means your printing will have a white border on your booklet, posters and plan prints.

We also cannot guarantee exact image centering down to the millimetre as with all commercial printers, paper can move during the print process.

Printing Responsibility

It is the customers responsibility to ensure all artwork/designs/files are correct
Any printing that is done incorrectly due to the artwork/design/files not being correct is the customers responsibility.
We do not check your artwork/design/files as the printing process is automatic
The customer needs to make sure their artwork/design/files are correct specifications.